Friday, May 27, 2016

👯Come on ladies, now let's get information — Part I.👯

I've written a lot about my own personal struggles with anxiety and OCD. But I've never written about how my monthly cycle is affected by the two, and vice versa. In an effort to learn more about my own health, I've been learning more and more about women's health. It's a topic that is wildly overlooked and under-taught, even though it effects all women, all the time. 

I figured it wouldn't hurt to share some of my discoveries, especially after hearing so many of my friends express their own frustration with not understanding why the hell we feel the way we do every month — or in general, for that matter. 

Without further adieu, the first instalment of my Beyonce-inspired feature: 

👯Come on ladies, now lets get information👯

Kicking things off: A wonderful Ted talk from Marwa Azab,who holds to advanced degrees in Psychology and a PhD in Neuroscience. Here, she discusses female hormones and how they effect us as women.

Brain chemicals covertly direct female hormones, but their effects on behaviors, emotions, cognitive abilities and relationships can make us vulnerable. The more we become aware and understand these vulnerabilities, the more we can transform them to actually empower us.

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