Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 hopes, etc. etc.

Since the start of this fine year, I have been forcing myself to do that which must be done. 

For example.
  • Should a letter need to be mailed, I get up and I do it the day of. No waiting till the mailbox is "on my way" to somewhere else, no putting it off for days at a time like I normally would do. 
  • Should I need to call about my internet bill I do it as soon as possible. No putting it off for a few weeks until it's absolute dire that I do so.
  • I made all important doctor's appointments that I've been meaning to schedule for ages.
  • I put my clothes away as soon as they're done drying instead of letting them set on my couch for ages. 
  • Doing small tasks in the moment to save a lot of time in the end.

These may seem like really rudimentary practices which an adult should be employing on the reg., but for me it's been a real feat. 

This brings me to my next point. 

What is normal or common for most doesn't mean it's common or normal for others. 

I usually struggle calling about appointments, especially when it's in German. Phone calls trigger my anxiety to the max.; mix in the fact the conversation is in German and bam! you've got the perfect storm of insecurity. 

So those phone calls to challenge a bill or set up a doctor's appoint are a big deal for me, and that's ok. 

Next on my list of things to conquer (or try to conquer) in 2016 includes not comparing myself to others. Because if there's anything that will eat you alive, it's comparison.

Instead I'll keep my head down, focus on my own achievements, no matter the size.

And i'll try to leave my Netflix nest more on the weekend. 

But aside from that, I think 2016 is ours for the taking, folks. Deal?


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  1. So timely, Anna! I was just talking this morning about how anxious I get about making phone calls, scheduling appointments, etc. But I was brave and made appointments with both the doctor (which I've also been meaning to do forever) AND a plumber. Yay for us! xo, Suzanne

  2. Thank you, for this, and for always.

  3. I really needed a post like this. I've got to start doing things as they need to be done, and doing things as I feel them, too.

  4. Nice post!

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