Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Questions I cannot answer at this time.

[The stairs to my apartment.]

With your twenties, and starting your career and the like, come a lot of questions. Some from caring family members. Most from curious acquaintances. As an expat I receive a lot of the latter.

Unfortunately, I cannot give a definite answer to a lot of the questions I am presented with.

They include but are not limited to:
Why are you here, like, besides for work?
How long do you want to stay?
Do you want to raise your kids here, or in the States?
What do you miss most about the States besides your family and friends?
How are the States different from Germany?
Do you like German healthcare more?
What's your favorite thing about Germany?
Do you want to marry a German?
What's the biggest difference between America and Germany?
It's funny, because most of the people who ask me these questions ask in passing, as if I have a one-word answer I can give them about any of the above. Most days I simply explain that it depends on XYZ, and change the topic. Other days I give a straight-faced answer that is absurd, like if they ask what I like most about Germany, I will just stare at them and without skipping a beat say something like, "Haribo is far cheaper here."

Because sometimes you're so exhausted from your own questions you ask yourself to deal with the inquiries of curious minds.

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  1. That last line punched me in the face. I feel that. Seriously. I get being curious, but sometimes it's just too much. Also, if your gummy bears are that much cheaper there, I feel jipped.

  2. cinta itu indah indah is beauty.. love that and Like this

  3. cinta itu indah indah is beauty.. love that and Like this

    Merci pour tou


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