Monday, September 15, 2014

{Quote of the Week.}

Do you want the truth? Nobody knows what they’re doing in this life. Not teachers or scientists or anyone with a college degree or even the President of the United States. Nobody knows because life isn’t planned and it doesn’t come with an instruction booklet. It’s fleeting and uncertain and complicated and nobody, not even the people seen as role models and heroes, can predict what is going to happen in the next minute, let alone the following day. Because life is sudden and frightening and the smallest thing can create the biggest problems before we even realise it. But it’s also beautiful and inspiring and it’s the longest adventure we’ll all ever know. So I say we just live, one day at a time without knowing how that day will pan out, including its weather and its purpose. Let’s all live without fear and doubt and regret, with the people who make our hearts dance to the music we love and fill our souls with the little moments that make the greatest memories. Take photographs of everything. Smile at strangers. Say yes. Throw a bag in the backstreet and just drive. Be honest. Lie in the grass and count the stars. Fall in love. Send that risky text. Read. Say no. Take risks. Explore and grow and learn and discover and shape yourself into whoever you want to become. Do it because tomorrow, something could change and it could all be gone. Don’t take anything for granted. Just breathe in the air that’s free and smile at the endless possibilities and limitless potential. Live for now. And love every minute of it.- Unknown
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  1. Lovely new profile pic!
    and this quote is just what I needed today. I'm way to controlling and I like to figure it all out. And it can't be all figured out :)


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