Thursday, September 11, 2014

#Aunthood and the era of Pinterest

My nieces have recently experienced their first tastes of social media (!) -- one Skypes me nearly everyday after she gets home from school (sometimes before school), and one, Carolyn, just got her very own Pinterest account. They went from eight years old to 17 overnight, I swear.

So, of course, I've been hyper-vigilant as to what I pin now that she follows me. Not that I pinned anything risque, but I want her to always get good vibes from my posts, even if they are regarding breaks ups and the tough bits of life.

I decided, in turn, to create a board especially for my nieces. I have three at the moment, and and mere weeks will become an aunt to yet another sweet baby girl! (Plus my brother and his wife are going to have a new bundle within the month, but have yet to find out the sex. ;)

So above are a few pins I picked especially for my nieces, now and the ones to come. I hope it's something they can look to for advice and inspiration, though I always remind them I'm a mere phone call away...
1. Important words for the heart
2. Amelia Earhart, Kansas native, woman pioneer of flying
3. Gentle reminder for life
4. You can never get too much art
5. or books!
6. The world is worth exploring
7. Words words words
P.S. If you fancy, you can follow Carolyn's Pinterest. It's full of cats! Art! and everything a nine-year-old girl's heart could possibly desire! She'd be over-the-moon if you did. She loves that follower count. ;)
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