Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Saturdays At Starnberger See.

 [Starnberger See. August 3. 2013.]

The past two Saturdays my friend Leslie, a fellow expat from Paris, and I met up at the S-Bahn -- towels, sunscreen and heaps of books in hand -- ready to make our way to the beautiful Starnberger See (See means lake).  

The first weekend we went, our friend Geoffrey told us to merely "follow zee people". This proved difficult because seeing as how we arrived mid-afternoon, zee people were already down relaxing by the lake. So Leslie and I followed the road. Silly us. The road took us on the longest possible route to the lake. Luckily, this mishap wasn't all for nothing. We got our August's worth of workout in and we meandered past two gorgeous palaces along the way. (Oh Europe, you slay me.) So we forgave sweet Geoffrey for his less-than-ideal directions and just laughed when, right when we got into the water, it started pouring

That's kind of like life at the moment for me. Nothing is certain. Everyday brings a totally new adventure. And, when I least expect it, I will inevitably get caught in a rainstorm. 
I've found I can respond in two ways: cry in frustration; or go with the flow -- and just laugh

Laugh because once you start, you can't stop. Just laugh. 

Life is as serious as you take it.

The next weekend we had much better luck. We knew the way and we were prepared and ready to soak up the Munich sun. 

However, the guys, well, they couldn't even follow our detailed instructions, GPS and all, so they took the Starnberger See right-of-passage. 

And after they were hanging out relaxing with us reading, after ten minutes, they declared "We are so bored."

Leslie and I turned to each other and laughed, because what else can ya do?

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