Thursday, August 15, 2013

Off To The Races.

Had I known, I would have worn my big race hat! Next time, I suppose. Le sigh.
Hands-down one of the best mustaches I've ever seen.
The names of the horses were, by far, the highlight of the day: Smooth Operator, Cool Arrogance, 
Secret Gesture, Global Bang, Birthday Prince, and my personal favorite: Giant Cat.
If I were a horse, this would be my job of preference. Eating 24/7... leisurely working... living the horses dream.
Some of Bayern-Munich's finest players. They also happen to be some of Munich's finest foxes.
My winning ticket! I won a whopping 9 Euros for putting my faith in old Neatico. 
My roommate sweetly offered that I come along and attend the 2013 Dallmayr Horse Races with her and her incredibly kind boyfriend. (Note: How lucky am I to have found such awesome roommates -- with boyfriends willing to let me third wheel it to boot!)

It was one of the hottest days in Munich, on record, which to this Kansas girl wasn't too terrible. But golly, the heat took a toll on a lot of the attendance, leaving us with really great seats and a semi-relaxing atmosphere for me to learn the science that is horse racing.

Though I am a right crap better, I did have luck with the '"race of the day" and went for a somewhat of an underdog of a horse. (Simply because in the warm-up circle, I swear to high Heaven he smiled at me!--The horse, not the jockey.) And what do ya know? Neatico, my pick, came flying in out of nowhere in the last stretch and won first place! I made a scene with my hooting and hollering and dancing in the bleachers, but I couldn't help myself.

I won not only a free canister of Dallmayr coffee, but 9 Euros from Neatico's great perfomance -- and an inside look at the world of horse racing, which I have come to be absolutely fascinated with.

Needless to say, it was an adventure I'll certainly always remember.
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  1. What a fun day!! Little adventures are truly the best.


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