Friday, July 12, 2013

All in a week's time.

Munich. 7/12/2013

When I arrived in Munich last week I was lucky enough to be immediately whisked off to a village in the Alps for a work excursion. The scenery was astonishing, the people fascinating, and I couldn't have asked for a better start to my new job.

Then we came back and life resumed and for me this meant I was running paperwork all about Munich, living out of suitcases in a hotel, and trying desperately to find an apartment, or rather, a room to rent.

This all, of course, occurring among sights and smells and sounds that take me back to some extraordinary moments. Only after they take me back, they leave my heart in a puddle on the floor. So, I stop, pick up the pieces, shove them back into my chest the best I can, and continue on to the next meeting, rushing to so many appointments utterly baffled by the fact I continue to mix up "Platz" and "Strasse" (which, if you've lived in Germany, can understand how detrimental this can prove to be).

And then I decided to attend the disko with some new Irish gents from the hotel and we had a blast. As I was belting Journey's "Don't stop believing" at the top of my lungs I reached for my back pocket looking for my iPhone. It was gone. Of course it was.

I didn't cry. I was angry and frustrated and felt defeated. And I saw the guy who took it. I approached him and confronted him, but he didn't speak English and in what German he spoke, assured me he knew nothing. So I decided to let it go. I sat down and was so angry at myself. It's as though I just gave it away, the way I had carried it. I'm equally to blame.

The kind gents bought me an ice water to cool me down (literally and figuratively) and as soon as I went to take a sip, I got bumped into and chipped my front tooth. (Not so noticeably, but disconcerting nonetheless.)

So it's safe to say I got off to a rough start. I broke down Tuesday in tears and felt beyond lost. I cried and prayed and simply went back to bed.

The next day I received a call about a dream apartment with chic roommates and today I got my key. Yesterday I met new friends at the Biergarten and I am buying a new rug for my new room tomorrow.

Though I may have a wee chip in my tooth and remain absolutely devastated about the disappearance of my new iPhone, I must say I am over the moon excited about the way this week turned around.

After all, I still have my old iPhone (3 years old and still going strong!) and the other 3/4 of my tooth, my health, and rad roommates to boot!

And that nostalgic heart of mine, day by day, it's more and more faithful that the best is yet to come; that before was great, but was merely a sip of the goodness that is love.

Big love and kisses from Munich.

"None of us can choose where we shall love."

P.S. I did try the "Find My iPhone" app but was not successful. They have yet to logon using Wi-Fi... but when it does, it will alert them of its disappearance and then delete all of my information.

P.P.S. This was like medicine for my heart and soul.

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  1. Sad to hear you had such a rough start, but I'm glad things perked up for you! Sounds like a lovely time.

  2. Oh bloody hell what a rubbish start! That just doesn't seem fair! The beginning sounded so lovely. I hope things are settling down. That light filled photo you posted is so beautiful.

  3. Definitely sounds like a week of highs and lows! When I was experiencing something similar, I would try to make new memories in the places that reminded me of "the boy." So instead of thinking about the time we ate dinner at that little cafe, I would remember the time I went there with friends, or the time I saw that chic woman across the street, or really anything else I could associate with the place that wasn't just a reminder of him. It's hard, but helpful when you have to pass the places everyday.


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