Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lessons at twenty + four.

Understanding adjective endings in German, or the time I had to write a thesis for my Rhetoric course in college are up there with some of the hardest things I've had to learn. 

In retrospect, I much prefer those lessons than those with no definite answers, no charts, no allowance for a rough draft. 

I just turned 24. It's odd. It seems as though far too much has happened for it to only be 24 years of lessons. The hardest lesson thus far, which I am still in the mere introductory chapters of the textbook, is the concept of friendships mattering a lifetime, affecting your life forever, yet sometimes fleeting.

It doesn't mean your friendship meant nothing just because you don't talk anymore. Or that you moved on or moved up. Not at all. In fact, sometimes, your past friendships grow dearer with time. 

We all are busy. We all are at different points in our lives. And sometimes, you drift. 

That's ok.

That's what I'm learning: It's ok. 

At the time you were close and you will remember being close at that time. We change everyday, our lives change everyday. But at that time, you and that person, your friendship served a purpose, taught a lesson, helped you both grow. 

You are always a friend in my heart -- that time, that place, those moments, they are forever treasured in my heart. They made me who I am. Thank you, dear friend.

And though we may not speak often, or perhaps ever, I guarantee you; you are always, always in my heart. 

Then and now.


'and if we don't meet no more in this world,
then i'll, i'll meet you in the next one,
and don't be late, don't be late...' via.
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  1. A wonderful sentiment. And a wonderful picture! I used to live around the corner from there.

  2. This is a lovely post. I haven't gotten to 24 yet, but when i do i hope to understand many things. When you wrote, "your past friendships grow dearer with time" it rung true in my head because as time passes we tend to hold on to the closest friends and drift away from the ones who haven't impacted you as much (in a positive way).

    It's a strange thing when you think back to early days where friends where the people who liked the same movies as you or the same type of music and then compare them to the ones you have now (who are much more than that) who don't necessarily like the same things, but enrich your life.

    You've just gained a subscriber. Have a lovely day :)
    xoxo, carmen


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