Monday, April 15, 2013

Right now.

[Munich. Englischer Garten. April 14, 2013.]

My sweet mom left yesterday morning and I miss her already. 

I also moved out of my (very first) apartment.

I would say bittersweet is too weak of a description.

Right now I'm on the cusp. 

Ending one season and preparing for the one ahead. It is terrifying. I am sick with not knowing what to do. And more than anything, I'm so embarrassed I have no plan. I'm twenty-three and I have no idea what I should do next. Oy. 

(But, I do have a job interview Thursday. Fingers-crossed!)

So that's why I've been a bit scattered, down. 

I'm overwhelmed by everything and I need to reach out and just let everyone know that.

Please don't hold it against me.

Big Love.


p.s. This poem captures so much of how I feel.

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