Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reassuring my heart and mind with words.

I just finished reading Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir and really recommend it. While it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it was quite refreshing and didn't sugar coat dealing with life and Faith. 

I'd love to share some of my favorite passages:
"Where there is real love, there's real pain. I'd be more worried if you didn't have any grievances." 
"He appreciated you. But he couldn't feed your soul for the rest of your life. Can't you just appreciate that he was great for you for that period of time?" 
“Just say it: I'm angry and no one will like me. God: No, I will not say that. But don't you think we ached for you to find a love you could share your whole life with? I used your teachers to encourage you creatively when the church could not... I worked with whatever I got my hands on. Can you see that?”  
“I remembered something Father Michael said to me a the monastery. 'The human soul is meant to expand. Things that once captured your heart may no longer be able to contain it.”  
“It often felt like God had merely let me into a foyer where I could hear others playing my note in another room, with no way to get to the music. And that's really what I wanted to do. I wanted to play my note. I wanted to do the thing that made me feel alive.”  
“There's a very simple reason why quality relationships are scarce: we live in a fallen world, and it sucks.” 
“I thought I was over him! So why did my heart still rip? Why did I still feel this sorrow? I got this strange sensation that God was with me. And he was angry. He was very angry--not at me and not at Jack. God was angry at the pain I was going through. I wondered if that was why God hated sin, because of the destruction it caused. For a moment I felt awe for a God who loved me enough to hate the things that hurt me without hating me for causing them.” 

Now I'm reading Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar and already am enamored with every word. Have you read it? Have you read the columns on The Rumpus? 

Also: I love this Dear Sugar print. I'm going to buy it as soon as I get home and frame it for next to my front door. I'm nerdy like that. 

Now I'm looking for some more inspiring reads, what's your favorite?

Big Love.
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  1. Thank you for letting me know about this. I just went through a breakup and everyone was telling me books I should read, but I felt like I was getting advice from everywhere and the last thing I wanted was more advice to make my thoughts go around and around but I looked into this book and for sure what to read it!! Maybe I had to find my own book to help me get by (with some help for you)

  2. I just read Tiny Beautiful Things a couple weeks ago and absolutely loved it. I'm thinking of buying copies to give to friends as a gift when we graduate from a college in a few weeks because I feel like it's one of those books that everyone really needs to read, especially at this time in our lives. I'm already looking forward to reading it again and again in the future and seeing what different gems jump out at me as my life changes. I think I may need to check out Angry Conversations with God now - thank you for the recommendation!

    P.S. Where did you find the "sugar says" print?! I love it.

    1. Nevermind about the poster source, I found it!

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