Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{Quote of the Week.}

But to know the pain of losing someone to distance is to remember it forever. There is something about it which feels so deeply unfair, so callous, so uncaring in the face of all that you have together. You want to look at the sky and know that the other person sees what you see, call out to them that you still remember what it was like when you were able to hold hands. You want so badly to cover a thousand miles in a single step and you cry at the permanent indifference of the map. When love fails to bridge these enormous gaps, it serves to remind us of how precious the moments we have with the ones we love are today. 
-When Long-Distance Love Fails By Chelsea Fagan 
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  1. As a person who has only ever been in long distance relationships, this sounds pretty bang on to me... xx

    1. Oh Alice, I've been in two, and it is so hard!
      chin up!

  2. vashikaran mantra to get your love back is process to bring back again your life. Indian astrology has great mantar to anybody changing thinking.

  3. how to get lost love back some body say vashikaran is good technique to get my love back? its true fact...............give me explain anybody..........


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