Thursday, April 11, 2013

And I guess this was merely a chapter, not a novel.

[Munich, March 2013.]

Oh, Munich. You've been swell, really. I wish I could gather my life up back home and bring all of it (and them) here to this magical city ... but for now, we will soon part. But I've scattered so many pieces of my heart around this city, you'll always have some of my love.  

And sweet Kansas, see you in May.


It's sometimes funny the things I stumble across at just the right moment, that I find myself nodding along to while reading and saying, "YES. THIS. SO MUCH THIS."

This is one of those moments::
"I believe one of the reasons people don't leave the comforts of home is this insidious belief that you must change everything in order to make it valuable.
Simply not true. You can set out to live in a country you've always dreamed of. You can learn things and test yourself and have a hell of a good time. You can drink cava in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, hop on a train and get off on an unplanned stop, dance drunk, dance sober, kiss strangers. And you can hold onto what makes you love your city at home. You can prefer waking to an alarm and riding your bike to work, eating vegan food, and having co-workers. Being surrounded by friends and having a backyard. And you can go back.
You can go back!"
Click here to read the whole piece. 
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  1. Good luck for your move back home- and here's to a new, also very exciting, chapter beginning. xx


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