Monday, March 18, 2013

{Quote of the Week.}

[Marienplatz has been the setting for so many of my experiences in Munich. It's my home-base here.]
“Such is the nature of an expatriate life. Stripped of romance, perhaps that's what being an expat is all about: a sense of not wholly belonging. [...] The insider-outsider dichotomy gives life a degree of tension. Not of a needling, negative variety but rather a keep-on-your-toes sort of tension that can plunge or peak with sudden rushes of love or anger. Learning to recognise and interpret cultural behaviour is a vital step forward for expats anywhere, but it doesn't mean that you grow to appreciate all the differences.” ― Sarah Turnbull
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  1. Waah I just wrote you a comment and Blogger deleted it. Rubbish. But the upshot of it was that I love this, and should remember it when I'm tempted to just up sticks and run away- I do like feeling like I belong in places. x

  2. love this. i think you are so brave for moving to where you love by yourself. xx


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