Friday, February 22, 2013

Some books don't have all the answers.

 [My mom & me circa 1989.]

"According to most books, my lack of confidence is a 'sign I had an absent father,' and that's obviously not the case for me, cause dad is awesome. So then I just yell "Well now I can't trust anything you say!" at the *author,"-me to my mom today on the telephone. 
"Well, that isn't true. And don't be like those annoying parents who read all the books and think they know it all. Because a lot of it is based on going with what your heart tells you. You just have to have confidence."-my mom. 
"I don't know, I just think of all these negative things about myself. I can't help it."-me
"Really knock that shit off cause it's not true and it's making me mad.."-my mom, who keeps it real.

That's love.

*the author's name on the book cover, naturally. But I'd say it to their face, too! I would! 
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  1. So beautiful! That IS love :)

  2. Your mum = awesomesauce. Bigtime.

  3. Your mom sounds wonderful! I loove your blog/words/thoughts, so I have to say I agree with her: knock that shit off!

    You is smart, you is kind, you is important.

  4. gaaaahd, your mom is THE BOMB. and she looks JUST like you, which is to say she is one gorgeous lil' lady ;)

  5. your mum is so amazing. keep up with the confidence :) xxx

  6. totally agree with her. knock that shit off.. you had enough confidence in yourself to move across the ocean.... sooooo....


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