Thursday, February 21, 2013

Borrowed definitions.

“We’re not, like, seeing other people, right?” I asked. We were barely over the one-month mark, I believe.
          You nodded.
          “Excellent,” I said.
          “But I have to tell you something,” you added - and my heart sank.
          “At first, I was seeing someone else. Only for the first week or two. Then I told him it wasn’t going to work.”
          “Because of me?”
          “Partly. And partly because it wouldn’t have worked anyway.”
          I was glad I hadn’t known I was in contest; I don’t know if I could have handled that. But still, it was strange, to realize my version of those weeks was so far from yours.
          What a strange phase - not seeing other people. As if it’s been constructed to be a lie. We see other people all the time. The question is what we do about it.

Oh the leaps and bounds we encounter utterly clueless. Utterly hopeful.
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  1. Oh I enjoy this. I feel like I am in this phase right now where I am "seeing someone" but not fully invested yet...and I could see myself having this conversation if I were to meet someone else I felt more sure about.

  2. Katilda, this phase is one of the most exciting/terrifying. It's a lot like jumping from the high-dive, once you're up there, you either do it or you don't--but you have to decided because so many people are behind you in line. Ok, that was a terrible metaphor, but do you know what I mean? Oy. My mind is boggled by this stuff!

    Good luck, dear!

  3. You know, it's so interesting... We don't even have that term over here. I guess we don't have to call something a relationship, but we're exclusive from the start. And we don't talk about being exclusive, but about not being.

    Well, at least the people I surrond myself with.


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