Monday, December 10, 2012

{Quote of the Week.}

Lonely is seeing something so beautiful that you feel your heart cannot contain it all by itself, that it is going to burst from the radiance that it is longing to express. It is wanting to turn to someone, anyone, and say “Look at that. Isn’t that wonderful?” and realizing that, as with so many other memories of late, there is just no one there to share it with.
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  1. True, true. I keep telling people that I don't mind being alone. I'm often quite busy. Alone works for me just fine. But feeling lonely. *shivers* It's a disturbing feeling indeed. :/

  2. where in the world do you find these quotes?? are you dipping down into the depth of my soul and retrieving from my past and current life experience??

    this is EXACTLY how i felt in barcelona. i saw so many amazing things, but it was so sad when i wanted to turn to a loved one and say, loove how amazing, a realize there was no one there for me to say that to.

  3. Oh jeez so true. so true. possibly the worst feeling.

  4. What a beautiful post! I hope you're not feeling too lonely. <3

  5. thats very true. but there are moments where you are by yourself and can experience times of beauty. loneliness is a horrid feeling though but i think something all of us humans feel. keep smiling anna xxx


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