Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here we go.

[Munich, Oktober 2012]
After a few weeks, a whole lot of tears, and driving through tiny villages praying for a German equivalent of Best Buy, I found a computer--(so it's all in German and the keyboard is a real booger... it'll do.)--And boy oh boy does it feel good to feel my fingers tap the keys furiously, letting my stories pour themselves out into every ounce of allotted space. So much has happened, but there is still so much to share.

I'm writing a book. Does that sound as pretentiously rude to you as it does to me? Ugh. I hate that. But it's true. And I'm doing it because, well, why not?

Earlier this week, my dear friend Lauren said that I was born a storyteller. And honestly, I'm starting to think it's true. Because after my sauna drama--oh, it's as good as it sounds. Trust me.--and making a tram of Germans laugh at something I said, (You guys, that's a feat. They're a tough audience.) I've gotta start passing these tales on. God has to be throwing them my direction for someone's entertainment.

Sometimes my life is like a Lifetime Channel television series. Not NBC or CBS, or even Disney. No, it's like a Lifetime Channel series.Yeah, exactly.

But we all love Lifetime, right? ...

Oh, it feels so good to be back. 
I've missed this.
I've missed you.

Let's do this.
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  1. What a wonderful, inspiring post. Bring it on. We want more!!!

    xo, hm

  2. Glad to have you back!
    Are you doing Nanowrimo this year?

  3. Welcome back!

    I had a similar computer problem when I was living in Germany - as an FYI, there is a way you can set your keyboard to the US Standard (so basically, even if you hit the 'Z' key on the German keyboard, it will type 'Y'). I've found that as long as I don't look down at my fingers when I type, it works great!

  4. Dear Anna,
    Please share some stories about your time in Germany! And what are you actually working, how are you living, what are you doing the whole day? Would be so great to hear! :)
    All the best for you, I know how you feel...
    (currently residing in Spain)

  5. This is exciting news! Doesn't sound pretentiously rude at all! It sounds awesome, fun and challenging!

  6. wow how exciting. i love reading all your stories - and you're right, us germans are a tough audience.
    i hope my home country treats you well. i miss it dearly these days. lots of love xxx


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