Thursday, September 27, 2012

Longitude, latitude, and letting life happen.

I remember sitting in the university library and having an overwhelming urge to take a trip to Scotland. I had been following and adoring the hilarious Helen and her blog and was excited when she invited me to visit. I was just as excited when my parents were ok with the whole thing. I had been abroad once before when I was sixteen for an exchange program, but never had I spent anytime alone in a hotel. But they agreed to put my Christmas money toward the trip and that was that.

Two months later I found myself walking the streets of Glasgow, having a hotel room all to myself, and laughing the days away while exploring with Helen.

I knew this was what I needed. Time alone. Time to grow, stretch, reachon my own. It was during those ten days in the UK that I decided to search for opportunities to au pair...

What I learned, most of all from that brilliant, inspiring trip, was that when things are meant to be, they don't have to be forced; things will fall into place when you let them.

This is one of the biggest things I struggle with; "Letting go & letting God," as my sweet mother would say.

But I'm trying. Lord knows I'm trying. And so far, I think I'm making progress, or hope so, at least. Bit by bit. Piece by piece. My heart is starting to pace itself; my mind is starting to relax.

Nowafter having faith and patienceI find myself here. It's more wonderful than I could have ever imagined or planned.

And that's why I'm no longer a hopeless romantic; rather, my heart is overflowing with hope.
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  1. Oh my that last line. You have spoken the truth my friend. This is perfect in every way. :)

  2. Let me first say that I love your blog!
    I am currently finishing up my senior year at college and am thinking of finding a job in Europe after I graduate. This is obviously a huge decision, and I was wondering how you made your decision to move to Germany (both times!) and how did you ultimately know you made the right decision?

    Thanks! -Abi


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