Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Downton Abbey.

-images via tumblr.
I decided to find out what all the Downton Abbey hubbub was about, andoh me, oh myI am so happy I did. In one week I finished both the first and second season. Holy guacamole. How can they just up and leave us hanging like this? I miss it. So much.

At least I still have Everybody Loves Raymond. Right?

Also, here are some hilarious Downton Abbey themed tumblrs:
Downton Abbeyoncé
Downton Pawnee
Downton Tabby

and best of all:
Miss (Conan) O'brien.
(this, too.)
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  1. downton is fantastic! so obsessed! those tumblrs are amazing haha :)

  2. Downton is my not so guilty pleasure and I am sure as heck not waiting till January when it comes on this weekend in the UK. So I will be finding it somewhere on the interwebs. haha

  3. I can't wait. SUNDAY! If only I could still watch ITV. I think I'll need to write a complaint letter to our digital tv provider: they can offer every single British channel except for ITV? Not cool.
    Awww, Branson and Sybil are too adorable.

  4. Oh man, if you guys find it online GIVE ME THE DEETS. I must see it when it's on in the UK! : )


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