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Dating Around the World//United Kingdom (by way of Germany)

Britta H.
(by way of Germany)
(Note: LROL is for Little Reminders of Love.) 
LROL: At what age do people typically begin to go on dates? 
Britta: It varies. Some people go on their first dates when they're around the age of 13 some a lot later, around the age of 17 or 18.
LROL: Who asks whom on a date, normally?
Britta: I think most girls would want to the boy to ask them but often they get too impatient and so they take the first step.
LROL: What is a typical first date like?
Britta: Many of my friends just went into town for ice cream or something, to keep it casual. I think what you do on your first date depends on how well you already know each other. But I guess the typical thing is to go to the cinema or for drinks. Often people do something in larger groups to just get to know each other and not have the pressure of a one-on-one date.
LROL: What is culturally "expected" of you and your date?
Britta: I think in Europe there are not as many "rules" when it comes to dates compared to the States. Most people just do what they feel like without being concerned what others might think.
LROL: Who decides what the date will be?
Britta: Both, I think. But I personally like it when the guy comes up with a nice plan for the date.
LROL: Who pays?
Britta: Some guys offer to pay on the first date, but quite often everyone pays for themselves or you take turns. I think it depends on what you do as well. If you go out for drinks it is cheaper compared to cinema admissions or a dinner.
LROL: What are the post-date norms?
Britta: There isn't really a 3-day rule, but I think people try not to call too soon, to not give an over-eager impression. 
LROL: What would you change about the dating culture of where you live?
Britta: In Germany there isn't really a dating culture like you know it from American movies (picking up the girl at her house, bringing flowers etc), which I think is a pity sometimes. There could be more chivalry if you ask me.
LROL: What do you like about the dating culture of where you live?
BrittaIt is quite casual and so dates are really relaxed usually.
LROL: What was your best date?
Britta: My first date. We went to a funfair. The guy turned out to be pretty boring but he paid for a carrousel ride, which I found really sweet at that time.
LROL: And your worst?
Britta: My date and I went to a mountain near our town. It was a beautiful scenery but we didn't really got on. We were a bit far away from the town, so the date lasted quite long which was painful as there was a lot of awkward silence. As wouldn't that have been enough he tried to kiss me a few times until I told him that he should please stop and stay away from me...
LROL: Anything you'd like to add that I forgot to ask?
BrittaNo :)
Thanks Britta! It's good to know these things before I embark on my next European adventure. I feel like we're a bit too high-strung about dating here in the States, maybe I'll have better luck in Germany. ; )
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