Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crafty like a fox: DIY Magnets.

Since I'm moving to Munich, I've been pretty bummed that it's so expensive and impractical to move a lot of my stuff. So instead I decided to create little things I can take with me & use to make my apartment feel a bit more like home. 

So I did what any 23 year old would do: I dug out my magazines and started collaging just like I did in sixth grade. Amid collecting images from magazines (why I continue to hold onto issues of Seventeen magazine from 2002, I have no idea. Look for me on Hoarders.) I remembered the glory that is "the adhesive magnetic sheet." Before my sister Katie went to college she made a ton of magnets using family photos for her dorm room. (Mind you, this was pre-Pinterest, pre-internet at home, at that. So this is definitely credit worthy. Thanks sister!)

Below are the instructions, but really, it's pretty easy peasy. I mean, if I can do it, anyone can.
1.Cut out images you dig. I found all of mine in magazines. (Except for the Queen Elizabeth II. It's a mini-card I bought from a shop.) 
2. Place images on the adhesive side of the magnetic sheet. (I used one similar to this.) 
3. Cut out image + magnet once adhered to the sheet.   
4. I modge-podged the individual magnets and then left them to dry overnight. 
voilĂ .
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  1. Those magnets are awesome. I'm totally doing this for my move to Cardiff. Somehow I LOVE the pink umbrella one and the one with Wills & Kate is awesome!

  2. girl, YOU SO CRAFTY! love this! will definitely have to do this for my new place!

  3. Huh! I love craft ideas that I can actually do! I think this would be a fun gift idea too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. love this... when i start packing its going to be hard to leave behind some of the more decorative things


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