Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer done "write"

[July 6, 2012]

As of right now, I am definitely doing summer wrong, not "write." Sure, I've written. Lots. Lots about things that I've been lectured as being "boring, mundane, old." All things I've been told to write.

And that's the name of the game. I know that. Of course my capstone as a journalism student is writing for a newspaper. I'm not saying I'm surprised.

It's just that each time I sit down to write about things I'm assigned, I can't put my heart into it. I just can't. It's because while I write these things I am simultaneously writing cover letters like a mad woman and preparing myself for every "We found a better candidate" email that comes as a response.

I started out as a "German Education" major, did you know that? I had planned on studying that for years. And then I realized finding a job with said degree isn't the easiest when you live in the Midwest. So I switched to Journalism (naturally).

But I have never hoped to be a newspaper reporter. I knew from the beginning that was not a fit for me. I'm far too opinionated and goofy for such a career. And newspaper reporters are passionate about their jobs, you can't just "become one." In my opinion, these people were born to do what they do, and that's why they are so stinkin' good at it.

As for me, I knew newspaper writing for my final capstone was going to be a stretch. But at a journalism school in 2012, your options are , option is traditional journalism. Rightfully so. You must learn the fundamentals first before you jump into the abyss that is every other word-filled field. Of course. I get that.

But it's hard to stand by while your friends who studied nursing are doing just that, and your aerospace engineering friends are working on you know  aerospace-related things (and finding jobs, at that) and any personal twist you put in a piece is scrapped. Not because of you, and not because of them, but because that's the name of the game. A game I really just can't get in to.

And then I remember that I have two more weeks and then I get to put all my time into cover letter writing and filling out applications...

The best part: for every "real" job application I submit, I submit three for my "dream" jobs. If I'm giving tours of Scandinavian Castles in a few months, I'll be jumping for joy for every rejection that came before.

And, if I am assigned to write an article about the aforementioned castle, I'll be darn proud that I learned AP Style in college.
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  1. What a wonderful and heart-felt post! I know just how you feel with all frustration of "thanks but no thanks" job searching.. we just have to keep trying! Thank you for your inspiration and honesty! :)

  2. i love this post. i'm going to be a sophomore in college and i'm at the point where i have to declare my major and begin deciding what i really want to do with my life. i started out doing what other people "thought" would be good for me. i quickly learned biology isn't for me and am now pursuing what i really want to do with me life (forensic psychology and criminal justice). it may be slightly unconventional (there aren't many girls who dream of being an fbi agent) but sometimes you have to follow your heart, as i see that you're doing. thanks for this exceptionally honest piece! xo

  3. I've done my major in Journalism, cept in Australia it's called something different. I found newswriting so difficult because even things that I didn't think were a personal twist on the story were in fact just that! I think it's also pretty subjective. I completely agree re: some people are born to do it. Good luck with finishing it off!

  4. I'm an English/Journalism student but my focus is in copyediting and writing features for a magazine. I hope to freelance, while holding down some sort of steady job, but i really hope to at least copyedit and do features for magazines. I'm not cut-out for news and newspaper writing either, and I hate doing it, but I do it for school because it's what builds up my portfolio and will get me somewhere. Sigh.

  5. What a wonderful and heart-felt post! I know just how you feel with all frustration of "thanks but no thanks" job searching.. we just have to keep trying! Thank you for your inspiration and honesty! :)


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