Saturday, June 2, 2012

busy being "the coolest, best aunt ever!"

[back, nephew noah. front, far left, dot the dog (well, her ear at least.) , nephew nathan, niece natalie.]

see that crazy kid in the back? he's my four-year-old nephew noah & he cracks himself up more than anyone i have ever known. he also wakes from mid-nap when he hears the slightest hint of "party rockin'" on the radio in the background. he can't help himself, he just "lovesssssss that song."

so much so, that on my birthday, he sang that to me instead of the traditional "happy birthday," because you know, "that so not rockin'."

anywho, that's why i've been a bit scattered lately. life is settling down after the whole graduating thing. but i've been keeping watch of my niece & nephews and let me tell ya, those kidlets keep one busy, busy... but i did introduce them to sno-cones & they said i was "the coolest, best aunt ever!"

but they haven't met a lot of really cool aunts yet, so i mean really, they have no clue.

enough chatter from me,
happy friday!
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  1. My cousin introduced me to dippin dots way back when and I have called her my favorite cousin ever since.

    Sno-cones and party rock, I'd say you got the favorite aunt thing in the bag for a time to come :)

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. aww! this is so sweet! being an aunt is just the greatest!

  3. Haha! This post made me smile! What a fun moment you captured in the car!


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