Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pangram Love + other random things I love about words.

For some reason, this print featuring the translation of the Dutch pangram (thanks Rikke!)"Sexy qua lijf, doch bang voor’t zwempak" is one of my all-time favorites. Perhaps it's the fact I'm lured toward European, or maybe it's because I'm fascinated by words & all possibilities that go along with them. (My parents giving me a palindromic name ... could have been a sign from above that I was destined to be a lover of words.)

This list of pangrams from a variety of languages is fascinating.

Also, does anyone know of a word or phrase to describe words that look like the words they describe, ie: bed? (Like onomatopoeia describes words that sound like their mearning?) Does such a thing exist? Does it make me a nerd that I am so intrigued by these things? 

Update: this guy seems to know a lot about it, but I wish it were more concrete. I mean, I really wish more words looked like the thing they represent. Clearly procrastinating has gotten the best of me. I suppose studying awaits, friends. Finals week is next week. Woof.
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  1. Oh my gosh! I happen to think you are completely awesome, even more so now than before. I am such a word nerd and obsess over things like this all the time. And I had never noticed that the word bed actually looks like a bed! Are there other words like that? I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep now. Lol

    1. I just read the blog post you linked. Wow.

  2. YES!!! Ok, I love that you dug that. High fives!

  3. Don't hope you get offended by this: but that quote is not danish :)! It looks more dutch to me... not too sure.
    I'm dane, so you can trust me about this :) lol... Born, raised and lived there for almost 20 years - now in NZ though ;)

  4. @Rikke clearly this whole "finals studying" is getting to my head. For some reason I saw the "D" and assumed it said "Danish." (Wishful thinking, I bet. I love associating most rad things with Denmark... ;)

    Eeps! Thanks for pointing that out. : )


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