Thursday, May 17, 2012

fashionably late.

(via: tumblr.)

dear mister-whoever-you-are-wherever-you-are,
(but someday destined to be by my side.)

i’m not sure where you are, 
but if you could hurry up 
that would be just peachy.

because the sooner we find each other,
the sooner we can get this party started.

and while i do prefer to be fashionably late
when it comes to parties,

i also know to never 
under any circumstances
be tardy to the party.

and you know what, 
because you were made for me,
and me for you,
you’ll understand that reference
(and love me anyway).

love, your smitten Schatzi 
who isn't ashamed to admit a love for reality tv.
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  1. I. Love. This. Post.
    Yes, loads of periods were needed for that. Love the picture as well. Our ment-to-be's should hurry up. Seriously.

  2. i love love love this! along with all of your writings :)

    don't be tardy to the party!

  3. Love love love it!

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