Wednesday, April 25, 2012

take ten.

some recent favs from my 'ole instagram:

One: Motivational notes I write myself to keep sane. Others have included: 'Remember to breath, or you'll die.' 'It could be worse.' 'When overwhelmed, nap.' 
Two: I've doted on my University's beauty before, but it really never fails to make treks to class a bit more bearable.

Three: Can't get enough of Nie's book. (I couldn't wait until after finals to read it.) Inspiring, heart-wrenching, and all kinds of though-provoking.

Four: Four of the five nieces and nephews enjoying our family pizza party. Crazy cats.

Five: Hot-dog days on campus are the best days on campus.

Six: Sometimes I write the weather when copy editing. Sometimes I am creative.

Seven: These pups become your best friend the second you have some kind of grub. Minus fruits, of course. Poodles hate fruit. (Tigers hate pepper...)

Eight: Nephew Nathan was the bouncer at Grandma Peg's birthday this past weekend. Someone's gotta do it.

Nine: I enjoy showing anyone and everyone the site what should we call me. I laugh so hard when reading it it's become my main source of exercise.

Ten: Titanic in 3D. Need I say more?
as for now, it's back to end-of-the-semester craziness.
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  1. 1. That curly hair on those pups is irresistible! I want to reach through the screen and pet them.

    2. I love all things Nienie. Still haven't gotten my hands on the book yet, though. Shame, I know.

    3. What should we call me is my new favorite website. LOL takes on a much more literal meaning for me whenever I visit the site.

  2. you live an adorable existence, anna. so adorable.

  3. Eliza, come on over, the pups eat up attention like crazy. ; ) Let me know when you read Nie's book! I'd love to discuss it with someone. I could revel in its goodness forever!
    And "what should we call me" has left me laughing so hard in the library. I can't help but laugh out loud.

    Mackenzie, I wish it was as cute in real life. I don't instagram the silly moments, like crying about a biology test in the bathroom. ; )

  4. amazing motivational note to yourself! perfect.


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