Saturday, March 3, 2012

...things are going to get easier.

my host mom (aka soul sister) always commented about my ability to know things intuitively. i find i am better with it in regard to situations outside of ones directly connected to myself. for instance, i can tell if someone has questionable motives or is a untrustworthy when it comes to my friends' relationships. furthermore, i get strong urges to do certain things, like start this blog for instance. or move to Germany for eight months. it's as though i get these waves of "knowing." knowing, not believing, that i have to do something and knowing it is meant to be. at other times, like my relationships with gentlemen for instance, i am not so great with listening to my intuition. while i'm quite good at being able to "feel out" a situation or person, i'm equally, if not better, at ignoring my intuition. it's as though i want it to be something good, so badly, that i ignore the truth as long as i can.

talk about counterproductive talents. sheesh.

i promised myself, and my host mom, that i would listen to my instincts more, especially when it came to my love life. Because up till now, it's been a vicious cycle of "i knew it this was coming" events. so today, after a few months of forgetting this promise, i am letting it go and actually accepting the signs and feelings that come my way.

i mean, have you ever tried to go against the universe's plan? it's impossible. (not to mention, so much better than anything you could have planned on your own. i guess that's why they say patience is a virtue...)

no wonder i've been so stinkin' tired.

plus, after a wee panic attack around three o'clock today i turned on the radio to this song blaring. and ya know what? i think things really are going to get easier.
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  1. Wanting it to be something so badly. That is indeed the pitfall of most of my previous romantic relationships. Especially when "giving up" feels like failure. It all gets figured out to those who self-reflect. Happy Sunday!

  2. this reconfirmed what I was thinking about with my own life-sign! thanks girrlll

  3. I wish I knew the universe's plan for me so I could follow it to a "t." (Though I suppose I'm following it just by existing... oy vey)

  4. anna, its like you know when i need a lesson like this. especially in the boy/school arena, i tend to FREAK out when things don't go according to plan and this helped me breathe for the first time in a few days. amazing. also i love that your host mother is your soul sister!! xo


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