Monday, March 12, 2012

My (someday) house.

{image via: bippity boppity boo.} 

someday i will come home (from a job I love) to a cheeky front door.
to my house that will be filled with laughter and hugs and far too many nights of tv marathons.
a house where little feet will scamper across its floors (for socks will prove much too slippery).
dancing while dinner is prepared will be mandatory
and the dining room will be easily transformed into an artist's den.
a house whose backyard will be the venue for afternoon puppet shows and endless rounds of kickball.

but above all, the house my mister & I build will be filled with love.
and that cheeky front door? it's a toss-up between sunshiny yellow and bubblegum pink. ; )
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  1. This is awesome. I vote for a five-year rotation on the yellow and pink... I'd be more than willing to help you paint it.

  2. OH HOW I LOVE YOU. i am the same. i for one just want an ivy-covered house :) i've picked it out and everything. i just need the million dollars (or the sugar daddy).


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