Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A poem I wrote for class (& would love to share with you).

{Deutschland, 2011.}

Little toes spread across mine,
the brisk air keeps us entwined.
We sit building castles out
of smooth, moist sand.
The water makes us shiver,
freezes our hands.

The rocks we climb
are slippery and wet.
The waves so salty,
they nip at our feet.

I hold you on my hip,
as you holler for me
to jump higher.

As we dive into the waves,
you grab my hand tighter.
Your giggles fill my ears,
I beam, you’re my happiness.

We live on this shore
most of the summer.
But you’re almost four,
and soon I must go.

My God how I’ll miss this.

But the caws of the seagulls,
and the laughter from the
slides, will always play
in the background of my mind.

Because these days with you
have taught me so much,
you’re forever my little one
and this shore will forever be ours.

And until I revisit and we share our
ice cream cone, remember these times
we called our own.
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  1. This is so spectacular! You painted such a vivid picture in my mind. I thank you for sharing! Did you follow a certain poem technique or just typed away?

  2. Thank you so much! : ) I just typed away... poem techniques are really confusing to me. ; )

  3. that jerk obviously had no taste, because your writing is beyond lovely. xo


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