Thursday, February 9, 2012

A lovely film for your Friday.

sometimes i get real sappy, y'all. 
gasps...wait, isn't that everyday, anna?

yes. you're right. and according to some, like my sis emily & my aunt, this here blog if far too sappy for their taste.

but some days, like today, i'm extremely, sappy.


and this little film i stumbled upon on naomi's blog? well, i can't help but watch it every now & then when i am in dire need of some wonderful love-filled-sap.

because, in my honest opinion, 
if being sappy is one of your biggest problems, 
you're doing something right.
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  1. That is just so cute. Ridiculously, awesomely cute.

  2. Oh Anna! So sweet. How fun would it to have filmed that?!?!

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  4. i saw this on rockstar diaries! love it! would you like to swap buttons? let me know!

  5. This is such a sweet video, thank you for posting! I agree, if being sappy is one of the bigger problems, then you are doing something right :)

    Also, I recognize the location of the video - Balboa Park right near where I live! I've always loved there and thought it was beautiful, and this only made me realize how magical of a place it really is.

  6. What a lovely place you live! : )


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