Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is what I would do if I weren't afraid.

try stand up comedy
write into publications
ask for help more
buy a ticket to europe for the day after graduation
tell them exactly what i want to be when i grow up, when people ask
take a ballet class
tell him the truth about the way i feel
tell you that i'm writing a book show you pages of my book
cry when i need to cry, get angry when i'm angry, be honest & show what i'm truly feeling

the more scared we are of a work or calling, 
the more sure we can be that we have to do it. 
-the war of art

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  1. i loved this. you are an amazing person and you can do anything. :)

  2. The top two are my top two as well! Dear, dear Anna. I'm so glad you figured this out before the age of 37. Not that 37 is bad (it's actually) gorgeous. But it's good to know your heart's desire, and the sooner the better :)

    Big love,

  3. I do hope you manage to do these things. As someone who was an extremely shy person who has managed to somehow move closer to the other side, I do believe it is a journey more than worth making. When I look back I used to go red in the face whenever spoken to, meeting new people was a nightmare, and my parents had real fears of my dream to be a lawyer - very ironic no? :))

    But I persevered and it has worked out great. I can honestly say I'm enjoying my life more to the full now. :) It's of course an ongoing struggle but I guess the hard part's over with.

    I truly admire the fact you came all the way to Europe as an au pair. :D

    So tiny steps may look as huge boulders at first but in the end, as a convert :P, I can say that it is all very very worth it. :)

    Good luck!! :)

  4. I am considering buying a ticket to Europe for the day after graduation, we shall see if I actually woman up and do it.

    Good luck with everything, this list is amazing... the fact that you're already thinking about these things and sharing them makes you brave.

  5. Love this! I would love to pick up and go back to the Dominican Republic and teach! Going blog this :) THANKS!!

  6. Love this post! I think I might just write my own now :)

  7. Ahh, this is so nice. You are very brave and sweet. You've inspired me to write my own list. Happy New Year! Alles gute. :)

  8. This is so perfect. In like a cute but profound, and happy way :)

    I love your blog, following it, and I hope that you can come and follow mine too! It would mean alot :)

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. It was totally inspiring and made me want to do the same!

  10. Anna, you are simply lovely. Your blog and your words are addictive. From the optimism, to the life lessons, to the hilarity, to the realizations to everything in between. Nobody does it better.

    This is yet another inspirational post. Love it. x

  11. absolutely! Found this post via pinterest...Janell


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