Friday, January 20, 2012

She learned. She laughed.

{via: the ballerina project.
“Living Eulogy” by Mary Anne Radmache

She danced. She sang.
She took. She gave.
She loved. She created.
She dissented. She enlivened.
She saw. She grew. She sweated.
She changed.
She learned. She laughed.
She shed her skin.
She bled on the pages of her days.
She walked through walls.
She lived with intention.

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  1. I've had a piece of artwork with this on it for years, and just rediscovered it a few weeks ago. It is certainly one of my favorite pieces in my home. Have a fantastic weekend!


  2. oh Randi, mine too! Happy weekend, dear friend!

  3. ballerina project +this quote= so so right in all ways. xo

  4. love this, all your blog posts are beautiful sorry havnt had time to comment as much lately xxx


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