Thursday, December 8, 2011

your feet & mine.

(via: tumblr.)

dear mister-whoever-you-are-wherever-you-are,
(but someday destined to be by my side.)

i hope you like extra quirky shoes. 
or, at least, don't mind if i like to rock some myself
cause let me tell ya, i love me a pair of sassy sneakers

and i love it even more 
when i get to buy some cheeky footwear
for the love of my life.
(well, i haven't ever done so, but i get giddy just thinking about it!)

love your smitten Schatzi
who writes whole posts dedicated to our shoe compatibility. 
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  1. I LOVE the brogues in the picture. Good taste in shoes are most definitely a plus in my book...

  2. i feel the same way about silly socks! :) gah, you are so clever, smitten fraulein xo


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