Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Words; simple seeds for the soul.

{12.20.2011the day before i bid farewell to my forever love, deutschland.}

the words i've been blessed with the past few days are forever tucked in my heart.
words people are telling me before i leave their sweet home, before returning to mine.

these words, they're so genuinely meant for my heart, my mind, my life.
these are words spoken for my ears, these are words that i am writing down in my diary right this moment, slipping away in my jewelry box to keep forever-- packing away into my heart. 

words that i will return to when i'm feeling lost, unsure, exhausted with the chaos life sometimes throws our way. 

i can't really transcribe these treasured words at the moment. for now, i let them rest gently on my heart, i let them seep in, plant their seeds, and i'll nurture them to grow, grow, grow.

but these words, i had to tell you about.
because if there was ever anything i needed to hear before i bid this country farewell,
it's these words.

and for these words, these sweet souls who speak them to me, i am thankful. i am entirely swollen with gratitude.

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  1. it's amazing the power of words...and their stickiness...they can stay with us forever. sometimes that's an awful curse, but when the words are sweet and beautiful? it's the most incredible blessing possible.

  2. amen to all of this. and i love your headband! i am currently crocheting some just like that one :)

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