Monday, December 19, 2011

remember it always.

{via: winter.}

People should not be taken for granted — not the ones who raised you, not the ones who ground you, not the ones who love you. Not the stranger who chased you for a half-block to tell you you’ve dropped something, not the one who holds the door for you, not the one who asks you if you’re feeling okay or the one who asks you to dance. Their actions are not inconsequential; they are what it means to be human, a state so common that it’s rather easy to forget how extraordinary it can be. Don’t. Remember it always, remember how bland and unsatisfactory and meaningless life would be without humanity.
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  1. Such a beautiful quote. Also: I want that sweater.

  2. wow. i am speechless. this is dripping with truth.

  3. Honestly,
    Your blog inspires me each time I read it.
    Thank you for this beautiful collection you share with all of us.


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