Friday, December 2, 2011

how to make your life feel more like a movie.

{germany. fall 2011}
grab your headphones.
find a bike & get peddling.
crank up this jam.

& have a rad weekend.

Us by Regina Spektor on Grooveshark

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  1. Agree. I have to do this when the weather allows me to :)

  2. Story of my life going to school. Riding your bike somewhere is the best time for me to think/daydream/listen to music.

  3. I love this song! I've been teaching myself how to ride a bike this week, so hopefully I will combine the two soon.

  4. YES! i was hoping it would be a regina song before i clicked it because she was always my bike-riding-over-the-river music of choice :)

  5. oh, what a coincidence, I have been listening to this song like crazy lately, especially when I'm driving. it does help life to feel cinematic. :)


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