Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas (back) in Kansas City.

 i hope your holidays were merry & bright.
{Christmas night. 2011.}

if you've ever been apart of an Allen family Christmas, you'll understand my delayed posting. 
it is the most exciting, laughter-filled, stuffed to the brim with grub, zillions of tales exchanged, trivia challenge-jam packed, fun experience you will ever have.

start this three day celebration right after a 30+ hour day of travel & jet lag? yep, you can guarantee you'll be a bit zonked for a few days.

so if i fall a bit behind on my posts, i apologize. but my bed awaits & my abs are resting from all that laughter.

p.s. my sister is way better at this keeping up business. you can see all of our shenanigans at her blog. ;)
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  1. welcome back to the States. Go rest, we totally understand.

    ps. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years.

  2. consider yourself excused :) family and ab-hurting laughter > anything. hope you have a good time home, dearest! xo you deserve it.

  3. sounds awesome! glad you had a great christmas! go rest!


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