Tuesday, November 29, 2011

you'll know it.

i'm going to keep it real, friends.

new habits november did not turn out so hot. 
i drank plenty of coca cola.
i ran twice.
i free wrote once.

but that's ok. it's the thought that counts. right? or wait. is that pertaining to something entirely different? oh well.

can we take a minute to talk about how fast november went by? ... i mean, that minute we just took lasted longer than november. amiright? (p.s. my new thing is the 'amiright' phrase. cracks me up every time. i'm easily amused.)

additionally, it's december in two days. 

yup. tis the season, folks. 

tis also the season for engagements.
i think every time i log onto facebook i see photos rings popping up everywhere. 
makes my heart swell. 

till you see the boy who once made your heart swell is getting hitched. 

then your heart hurts for a bit.

but not too much.

but enough to make you antsy.

just when you don't know anymore, you're reminded.
and you, too, have no doubts. none at all.

Things We Don't Need Anymore by Jenny Owen Youngs on Grooveshark

-images via rules of thirds.

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  1. Do a lot of people really get engaged around Christmas? I guess I'm a schmuck. I like the fact that Hubs asked me on a random day in June. Night, actually. As I was crawling into bed and being grumpy with him. :) Really set the whole tone for our marriage. LOL

    I hope you've been well and are holding things together in our beloved Larry town.

  2. I had stayed friendly with my first boyfriend after our breakup, and when he called me some years later to tell me he was getting married, my heart broke a little at first, but then I got over it.

    No matter how over you are about someone, it still hurts to think that you just were not the one for him.

  3. you are the sweetest, most genuine, most deserving girl! obviously that boy is dumb... i mean come on...cool girl with a cool blog......does it get better than that? (no it doesn't)


  4. I love reading your blog every day, it really brightens my day! And I love the song at the end of todays post.


  5. this hit me right in the heart, annadear. it's in those moments that you get a bit humbled, your hands are flung off the control panel, and you just have to grin at the sky knowing a ring and a boy will come your way, but you won't know it. and then one day it will side swipe you and you will be so thankful you didn't have that knowledge :) thank you for sharing this.

  6. fact: every single one of your comments was like a warm hug enveloping me after a rough day.

    it warmed my soul right up.

    thanks, Loves.

  7. Oh Anna...my daughter is hoping to 'know it', as well. Her FB page abound with friends announcements of engagements and weddings.
    I tell her when it's right...it will be there.

    Hang in sweet tender heart...it will be there!

  8. i relate to this post on so many levels. when i was 20, my ex boyfriend got married...and it hurt like hell. but you still live even with that pain. and eventually the pain dulls....until its a memory written in journal pages.
    you are my blog inspiration anna! :) xxx
    ps.. totally know what you mean, so many friends getting engaged. x

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