Friday, November 18, 2011

and I promise you I'm doing the best I can.

{deutschland, august 2011.}

in time a lot happens.
whether or not you wish it to.

a lot happens.

sometimes it takes really big steps in life
to make you grow a backbone.

no matter where in the world you live
you will meet fake people,
and you will meet genuine people.

distance, time zones, languages...

they really don't mean much.

no matter what lies between us.

we are all alike.

but it's a bit hard to realize these things when speaking in a different language.
you're too worried about word order and past participles to notice traces of sincerity in a voice.

the major difference about being away from home

 is that when you are burned by someone,
 it burns twenty times more than when you are home. 

but of course,

the moments of pure bliss you experience 
in a strange, unfamiliar place, feeling unbelievably vulnerable,

it's beautiful.

you also, learn the difference between being unhappy and being homesick.
because they are infinitely different.

being homesick simply means you miss the smells, sounds, tastes, sites and feel of a place so much
you forget to experience the new sounds, smells, tastes, sights, and feeling of everything around you right then.

being homesick does not mean you are not happy.
it simply means you are not aware, that's all.
but in time, my friend.

in time.

sixth months, for instance.

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  1. You can travel a thousand miles looking to fill the hole in your heart

    that hole all the distance in the world could never fill.

    You can travel the whole world over, and still, you'll never find the love you left,

    when you left home.

  2. anna, thank you so much for this. i definitely realized this when both my bike and phone got stolen by some greedy city dwellers within two weeks of each other. but i refuse to feel anger or sadness or homesick for the south, instead i'd rather remember the bundles of nice people who helped me with both losses. and that's enough :)


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