Saturday, October 8, 2011

Darlin' do not fear, what you don't really know...

[train station. germany september 2011.]
you're anxious. i get that.  
you're also a little sad that you're not in cali with these loves right now, aren't ya? 
but girl, listen up, k? you're on the right path. 
i know you wake up each morning with a bit of hesitation... what if you shook up what was coming your way? what if you were supposed to be there, not here?  
lemme tell ya, whatever was/is coming your way-- you certainly did shake it up, but that's what life's all about. making the most of it. shaking things up-- keeping things spicy? am i right. plus, it's all still coming your way. 
and you're up & moving to a new country on a whim? that was all part of the plan, too! (promise.) 
you do know that you're braver than you were last year at this time, don't you?that you are experiencing something many will never, ever do? you're almost fluent in another language! dude, your 5-year-old-self would be proud.  
you're baking bread (scrumptious bread, i might add) building new friendships, going to a university in a different country-- on a different continent. 
your 22-year-old-self should be proud.  
and all of those other adventures you're pumped for? be patient.  
would ya have thought you'd be on this adventure right now a year ago? heck no. 
so who knows what this next year has rolled up it's sleeve. 
it's all gravy. 
p.s. listen to this song daily. it's a great jam-- and an even better reminder for you.
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  1. what a lovely little reminder. thank you thank you thank you for this. really. i need something like this tonight.

  2. it's funny how you can touch others by speaking to yourself, many of us feel the same way.

    you sure captured the feeling, and told us the right words. the ones we needed to hear, or at least I needed to. xo

  3. Strange. Did you write this personally for yourself? Because it is as though you're speaking to ME. Every word of it, I can relate to. EVERY word. Including to all the references to living/studying in another country.

  4. exactly what i needed to hear? yes. your absolutely magnificent. <3


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