Sunday, October 23, 2011

missing you. (x's five.)

 [the nieces & nephews trip to california. october 2011.]

while i've be exploring half way across the world, these little loves have been doing their fair share of adventuring, too. and boy, oh boy. how i miss their little smiles. 

i've seen some beautiful sights, i must say, but nothing beats seeing the beauty of the world through their wonderful eyes. 

let the countdown to my christmas visit begin!
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  1. I don't blame you: they're beyond adorable!
    That Christmas is going to be so sweet you'll get a very happy toothache ;)

  2. lovely post, and lovely sentiment. what precious pictures of wonderful little angels. your adventures seem grand and fascinating and we can't wait to read/see more, but i don't disagree that there is wonderful beauty in their eyes. x

  3. I love the last sentence on this post, they're adorable.

  4. oh my goodness, most precious little munchkins ever! they are lucky to have such a lovely aunt!

  5. Oh my of course you miss those precious ones!

  6. OMG, they're like the cutest kids on planet earth!


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