Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Copenhagen} part two: the city of endless possibilities for the perfect date.

 [copenhagen. october 2011.]

i'll be honest. i wouldn't call myself a "nature-enthusiast" by any means. (actually, i have never even made it through a whole night sleeping in a tent. whether it having been in my backyard, or even my living room, camping has never really been my thing.)

but i digress...

copenhagen is the perfect mix of bustling city, lush, green parks, walking trails, playgrounds (coolest playgrounds i've ever seen...) and opportunities for dates galore. seriously. you can go from a sweet dinner in the center of town to strolling along the geese and castles(!) amazing, right?

it is the city of modern meets classic romance. how could i not be head over heels in love with that city? 

another note: the northern europeans are so great at getting out there & appreciating whatever weather they have each day (i'm slowly trying to gain that same mindset...) they understand layers & the concept of baby buggies stuffed to the brim with cozy blankets. 

Joanna wrote a fascinating post on just that concept here.
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  1. flat stanley finally took you on a date?! good man. and to copenhagen of all places. wow! :)

  2. Ahh every day you make me wish I was having this European adventure with you! I'll just live through your charming posts :)

  3. that is all so incredibly gorgeous.

  4. okay. that's it. i'm buying a ticket to northern germany and staying there and traveling around northern europe for the rest of my days? meet me there, okay? okay.

  5. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!


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