Monday, October 17, 2011

{Copenhagen} part one: the city of bright colors, smiling faces & rad bikes.

[copenhagen. october 2011.]

I loved Italy. adored Crotia. was mesmerized by Turkey. (posting those photos soon, promise. ; ) charmed by Glasgow. dazzled by London.  enchanted by Germany...

but Copenhagen. 
Copenhagen stole my heart in a way no city has done before.

maybe it was the crowds of smiling people-- all wearing happy, brightly colored clothes-- and rocking plastic glasses like it was their day job... and maybe it's the fact that my great grandfather once did, in fact, call Denmark home.

what i know for sure is that it felt so familiar. so comforting. and that it would be mighty easy to someday call home. and in my dreams, it's exactly where i would love to call home. (at least for a while.)

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  1. the colorful buildings are lovely! these photos look like they came out of a story book.

  2. I've always loved to look at buildings..I would have the time of my life here :)

  3. I loved Copenhagen and I wouldn't mind you living there... All the more reason for me to visit it again and this time for real not because I was traveling back due to volcano ashes... hehe.

  4. let's pack up our bikes & move there! ; )

  5. that's awesome!! it's amazing when you find that place isn't it? i hope you do get to call it home at some point. i've never been, but dear friends have and i love everything they've told/shown me. and to ride everywhere on a cute bike?! sold.

  6. My two good friends studied in Copenhagen two years ago and they said they have never felt so giddy to wake up each day and start their adventure! So exciting you get to be there. My friends noticed one funny thing, however, they said that every native Copenhagen resident they met had a very deep voice (even the women!), have you noticed that?

  7. i noticed that they native copenhagen residents/danish people are really confident, graceful and incredibly chic! but i didn't notice the voices in particular. ; )

  8. that's it! you have me convinced, i am totally expatriating to denmark now! :)


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