Tuesday, September 13, 2011

to my sister, the day before she moves to baltimore.

[nieces Julia & Carolyn. June 2011.]
oh seester. i know you are probably pacing around, organizing the most obsolete things, and dying for a dr. pepper (hey, me too!) right about now.  you know how i know that? because we are seesters.

you're a lot like me & i'm a lot like you.

we are worriers. it's just what we do.

and if there's one thing i've learned, it's that worrying does impact the outcome of whatever situation you're doing said worrying about.(false.)

here are some things i'll worry about for you, while you're away.  
(you know, so you can make room for a whole bunch new worries.) 
gypsies on mopeds. the office lasting without steve carrell. getting bangs. projects we start. aforementioned projects getting finished. guilt. money; lack thereof. hippies. getting rad Christmas cards ordered. cleaning; lack thereof. 

see sister? i've got the basics covered for ya.

here are the things you really don't need to worry about.
mostly because i suspect know the outcome to be sublime.

you're new digs. they're going to rock. it's going to be exciting and something you all will never forget. hello room service!

you're new job. holy moly they're mighty excited to finally meet "you." the overachieving, perfectionist Katie that you are. and let me tell ya, you'll leave a legacy. if not for your outstanding work, your hot smile.

the new adventures awaiting you. oh man. you have no idea the crazy adventures that are in store for you.  they're going to be awesome.

being a bit homesick.  i get it. if there is one thing i get it's being homesick. but it comes in ebbs and flows and really, with the interwebs and all, we really all are connected as per ushe. plus, Imagine Thanksgiving 2012. The tales we will have to share. Think of all the "one-upping" opportunities we'll have! I am pumped. 

really. take a moment to breathe it all in. let every emotion you feel out. (tip: if you gotta scream, do it into your pillow.) don't worry about a thing.

but since you probably will, because that's just what we do, keep it to fun things to worry about: what should i eat for lunch? did i update my goodread's account lately? what should we get the prof for his birthday? what's our new blog name going to be? (but seriously. what is it going to be.)

because when it comes to worrying about the adventure ahead, it's not necessary. you're right on track.

Love, your little seester.

p.s. to my other sister & my brother: you also get letters-- don't get all jealous. (ok, they don't even read this blog. who am i kidding. BUT THEY'RE GETTING LETTERS ANYWAY.)
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  1. Oh Anna, you're a very-very sweet sister.

  2. Awww. This is such a cute blog post (in all the good ways cute can be interpreted).

  3. that is so nice ^^
    I wish I had a sister like you...

  4. Oh sister, thank you. And let's get that name figured out soon.


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