Thursday, September 22, 2011

the time Oprah told me to get bangs.

[one a.m. thursday, september 22, 2011.]

i was skyping with my dear friend Kim last night when we started talking about being adventurous. i told her about my urge to do something "out of the ordinary" in lieu of my current adventures. we talked piercings and tattoos but i replied to both with immediate "heck no!" (don't get me wrong- i love a quirky tattoo and i've always wanted to get my nose pierced, i'm just far too indecisive for something so permanent.)

so when i mentioned my current obsession with bangs, kim said "why"

so a google search later -- with me thinking that something along the lines of "don't do it" would surely come back as a search result -- gave me the ultimate sign:


Oprah popped up in the results with a "how to trim your own bangs" tutorial.
(which, i realize, is not the same as a "how to give yourself bangs" tutorial... meh, minor details.)

"Anna, are you going to do it?"
"Kim, Oprah said it's ok. I think we should."

and five minutes later, after a few attempted explanations from Kim on "vertical cutting" (which i still don't get)  i looked down into a sink full of long, beloved locks. and when i looked back up into the mirror i saw myself with bangs for the first time in years.

and you know what? i don't hate them. (maybe because i know they are super pin-able and will grow back soon...)
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  1. Oh I love it. It looks so cute on you. I liek to do spontaneous stuff too... mine usually ends on a small road trip to the middle of nowhere and a camera haha

  2. you are brave! they turned out cute! I thought I wanted bangs once. I looked like I was 12 (instead of the usual 14). I cried.

  3. They look great! and yay for spontaneity :)

  4. i love them on you! i always go back and forth with my bangs and love that i can have the option of having them , or just pinning them around!

  5. you're so brave, your bangs look great. <--- I just realized this rhymed. Last time I cut my own bangs, they came out looking awful but yours look lovely.

  6. i. love. your. reasoning. oprah is basically a goddess on earth, i swear it. all praise oprah, because those bangs are adorable on you!

  7. Omg you look adorable! The look totally suits you :)

  8. I love the bangs! They look so darling on you!!

  9. Yesyesyes so cute!!

    And PS I finally get Internet tonight... Skype date SOON!


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