Monday, September 26, 2011

{Quote of the Week.}

-ira glass via.

i want to print this & keep it in my purse or pocket everyday for reference. yes, i will do just that.
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  1. I love this quote from Ira Glass. I've thought of it often when I'm trying to create graphics using MS paint because I can't figure out photoshop

  2. MS paint IS my go to program. no shame, lady! ; )

  3. yes, this is so true! it sounds just like what julia cameron says over and over in "the artist's way." have you read that? it's amazing, and helps you walk through the phase of being creative/following your dreams.

  4. Oh I love this! It is so true! Thanks for sharing

  5. so I just cried after seeing myself in a movie tonight-dumb. this quote just hit me like a brick, can't stop laughing at how true it is. I feel like God def. used your blog to get through to me. thanks!

  6. anonymous- that is not dumb. if it is, i'm the dumbest person alive. i find the most unexpected moments the most "listen-up-anna!" worthy.

    God knows just how to get his point across- exactly when we need to hear it most. He knows us quite well, ; ) .


  7. I love this quote. It is so true !



  9. Dearest Sam-
    for many years I used Printmaster (eww) because I was intimidated by Photoshop, but one day a gun was pointed to my head and a voice said "use Photoshop or die". I've never looked back. I am self-taught, but there are loads of awesome tutorials on YouTube. puglypixeltv is one of them.


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