Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my favorite kind of to-do's.

1. find the perfect shade of autumn red lipstick.
2. buy my ticket to Copenhagen & take notes from this rad city guide (!).
3. pop for these darling (affordable!) pairs of oxfords.
4. save my pennies for feist's new album. (and  maybe, if i'm lucky, a ticket to her concert in berlin on october 22- fingers crossed.)
5. read volume one of beautiful Kinfolk magazine from front to back. and then again.
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  1. A fantastic october list:) I love the shade of lipstick. Would be so awesome to go to Copenhagen!!

  2. the layout on this is super cute, Anna!

  3. is kinfolk a real life magazine? i've only read it online. it's gorgeous and very inspiring. and i'm totally saving my birthday money from august to get feist's new album. can't wait!


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