Friday, September 30, 2011

get your giggles on friday part II.

i love me some will arnett. even more than i love him (if possible) i love me some new sitcoms. up all night is original, brilliant & and made me pee my pants a little. on three different occasions. (yeah. i'll admit it.)

also, the new girl (with the ever-adorable zooey deschanel) is pretty great as well. mainly because i relate to the main character on a freakish level.

example- in the episode last week she yells at her ex: 
"no we can't rap it out! we're not together anymore- it's not the same!"
- i feel like i've said something obnoxiously similar to an ex before.

yes. yes i have done that.
this too.

happy weekend!
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  1. ohh! i know what i'm doing tonight lol
    happy weekend!
    ps: it's my first time on your blog! i love it, BL following you now xxo

  2. i love both of these shows. they're really quality television which makes me frightened since most great shows don't make it {RIP arrested development}. the first time we saw "new girl" the mister shouted "she's YOU!" it's true, and i'm not ashamed. :)

  3. I NEED to see New Girl. Love the 'cute guy alert'-gif :)

  4. I seriously LOVE both of these shows. Good choices girl :)


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