Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear ________,

{via: tumblr.}

kindle... you are a true delight, you know that? everyday when i power you on my world just brightens, and it's not because you have a bright, no, you just make everything brighter by simply being you. i have resorted to using you while pandora does not work here in germany. but, really, we might have to call it quits sometime soon. you're way too filled with hipster hits that are from the future they're so unknown. for every good mix you have 27.5 just bizarre ones. 

millionaire matchmaker... you have a 99% success rate, which is legit, i'll agree, but why do 99% of the episodes i watch result in complete dumpster fires? i can't help but watch, i'll give you that. obviously you wouldn't want to show calm, normal dates. ok, got it. solid strategy. props.

europe... two words that will change your continent forever: ice cubes. as my wise friend JP once said, it is a win-win situation, you cannot lose in the decision to embrace ice cubes. we promise. 

project free t.v... you have united me with some of my most favorite television currently airing in the US. you've brought dreams to life and for this, i salute you.

kansas... i heard your cicadas yesterday when skyping with Katherine. they are beautiful. i really do miss you, kansas, but i think this time apart will do us each some good. 

pinterest... i have just as much fun naming my boards as i do finding things to pin. thank you for helping me waste away hours  upon hours.

skype... you're a champ.

hair... you're never going to help me achieve the milkmaid braids i've always adored, are you? yeah, that's what i thought. you are way too fine. (not to be confused with 'fine' as in 'damn, he's fine'... rather, the term used to described really, really difficult to manage hair.)

weekend... please be swell.

you... have a happy weekend & never ever, ever, forget how much you are loved.

infinite XOXOs, 
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  1. I will. Promise.
    I love you doll. I'm so happy you're having such a great time in Germany.

  2. that was awesome! hope all is well in germany :)

  3. I try and find the joy in the cicadas...I will try harder.

    And someone else watches Millionaire Matchmaker???? I don't feel so bad admitting it here, then. Hubs and I were flipping through one Sunday and oops....we were stuck. Bad, bad idea.

    It sounds like your trip is wonderful.

  4. so glad to see you having a blast in Germany! Hope to hear more of your adventures! and what a lovely list! :)


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